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The registration process for a United States green card lottery is free. All you need is to register is the internet and your personal information. Greencardorganization can help you with the free registration for your green card lottery.

Despite the registration is free, you need to first ensure that you are eligible for a green card lottery in order to stand a chance of getting a green card. To be eligible for a US green card lottery, there are some requirements you must meet. Greencardorganization has compiled this list to help you determine if to proceed with the US green card lottery free registration or not.

  1. Educational qualification

Before proceeding with the free lottery registration, it is important that you have at least a high school certification. You do not need a college degree or any tertiary degree to register for a green card lottery. Note that only formal courses are relevant for this qualification. Greencardorganization can assist you in ensuring you have the right educational qualification before beginning the free registration.

  1. Spouse entry

With the aid of Greencardorganization, you and your partner can fill the free registrations for the green card lottery, thereby increasing your chances of winning. When registering for a green card lottery, couples can register separately. All you need to do is put your spouse’s name in the entry so if one party is part of the lottery winners; the other party will be included.

  1. Residence

Being eligible allows you to carry on with the free lottery registration. If you already live in the United States for any reason, it does not stop you from registering and applying. All you need to do is make sure your country is listed amongst the countries allowed to participate in this lottery. To get more information on this, contact Greencardorganization.

  1. Age limit

When carrying out the US green card lottery free registration, there are no age restrictions. Both elderly people and teenagers can register to partake in the green card lottery. With the help of Greencardorganization, you can use your age to your advantage and strengthen your chances of winning the visa lottery.

The United States green card lottery registration is free; therefore you should be wary of anyone or any site which asks you to pay. Contact Greencardorganization today for a fast and efficient green card lottery registration process.


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  1. Thanks for the green card offers. is it a must you have a high school certificate so that you may apply for the green card application??

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