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The United States permanent resident card has a lot of benefits. They include

  • It gives you an official immigration status in the United States

The resident permit card automatically gives you an official immigration status which protects you from immigration and any other form of harassment because you possess a legal card that permits you to reside in the united states. So as long as you remain of good conduct, your permit Resident card can be retained and there would be no cause for harassment and sometimes even deportation.


  • If you wish to naturalize as a citizen of the united state, the permit resident card is a basic requirement.

Without the permit resident card, naturalizing as a citizen of the United state is quite impossible. So, the only way to actualize your intention to Naturalize as a citizen of the united states is by acquiring a Resident card permit.


  • Entitlement to certain rights and responsibilities without which cannot be exercised

Owning a resident card permit entitles you to lots of rights and responsibilities. Without the permit Resident card, these Rights and privileges cannot be enjoyed.


How to acquire the Resident car permit

Acquiring a the United States permit resident card has to be a real challenge as a result of fraudsters and scammers who try to take advantage of your ignorance, get personal details and in most cases, your money. These fraudsters are everywhere and as such, it is important to turn to a  professional for help from greencardorganization.


What is greencardorganization?

The greencardorganization is a legit tested and trusted organization that helps you acquire legal united states permit Resident card. They also provide consular procedure once you have won a Diversity Visa lottery. The greencardorganization also contains preliminary procedures which include; ensuring eligibility, arranging required documents and submitting necessary forms. The organization also enlightens you as regards the best and presentable appearance, what questions to expect and the best responses to give in return.

After the interview, their services still continue. The organization still enlightens you on succeeding steps and procedures which are based on visa approval or denial. The organization also grooms you on entry into the United States. This includes, what to expect at the United States border patrol.

The purpose of all these services is to ensure that you are granted your green card and state permit Resident card.

They also render other services such as consulting, how to answer questions (if the individual wins the lottery), directing and preparing candidates for interview in the general embassy of that country and many more.

Therefore, rather than doing your registration yourself, and getting lost in the process and even making mistakes, it is better to use the services of the greencardorganization as this will save your time and energy, get you your Green card and avoid frivolous applications which would only cost more money

To contact or register with greencardorganization, visit website


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