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You have completed all your documentation only to go to the interview and you have your marriage green card denied. If you find yourself in this situation, you would no doubt feel frustrated. However, when you are faced with situations such as these, it is important to know the various reasons which your green card will be denied. Greencardorganization is delighted to share some reasons why your green card request might have been declined:

Authentic Marriage

While all your documents may have seemed original, you should always keep in mind that the main focus of every interview and marriage green card application is to ensure that the marriage is not a fraud. Therefore, the USCIS would need to see your marriage certificate. This is the best proof of marriage. Failure to submit this certificate could lead to doubts. Also, if you were in a previous marriage, you would have to show that your previous marriages have all ended. Companies such as Greencardorganization are always on hand to help the various couples to file all needed documents that prove a marriage authenticity.

Documentation mistakes

Another reason why your marriage green card application might have been rejected could be a mistake in the documentation. Perhaps you forgot to provide the translated copies of documents which are not originally in English. You could also have the problem of not filling in all the spaces for information. If the information does not presently apply to you, you can simply fill the gap with N/A. try as much as possible to ensure that you do not leave any blanks empty.


There are certain requirements which would need to be followed when it comes to photographs. These requirements have to first style in the form of passports. Thus, if your photos do not follow the required standard, it might just lead to a rejection of your entire application. Greencardorganization has the best professionals which can help you organize your photos among other things. Having them on your team is one way in which you can be assured that your next trial would be a success.

There are other services which are gotten from using Greencardorganization such as consultations with trained professionals in the field and filing of needed documents in a way that would be helpful in securing your green card. They are always out to keep you satisfied.



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