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The green card interview is usually considered to be the final puzzle in getting a green card application confirmed. Most interviews are set up with the sole intention of ensuring that the details which you have provided are correct and not fraudulent. If you are in the process of getting a green card approved then you would no doubt be interested in what you should do to enhance their success. Fortunately, Greencardorganization provides all this and even more! Here are some things you should do during a green card interview:


Before going to the interview, the best thing to do is to prepare adequately. Hence, the first step would be to ensure you have your documents ready. You should also ensure to have copies of them as many as possible. You should also search for sample questions you can ask during an interview. If you are confused as to where to get sample questions, Greencardorganization is the perfect place to find it. We are ready to provide you with sample questions as to what you can expect in a green card interview.

Answering Questions

Another issue which you should consider is how you can answer questions effectively. It is also important to note that answering questions that have not been directed to you would be disastrous.  It is also important that you avoid being a bit presumptuous. There are a lot of directions which would need to be taken. It is important to ensure that you perform tasks which have been directed to you and only.

Dressing and Grooming

You should treat this interview as something serious like going for a job interview. Therefore, the way you dress and groom matters. This, ensure that you dress in a formal yet simple way. This would ensure that you impress the USCIS officer at least on the first impression.

Looking for a sure way to make the interview process a success? Greencardorganization is the one organization which would help get your interview done successfully. You would have access to some of the following:

  • Professionals which would be ready to help with your green card application
  • A group of consultants who are always ready to hear all your inquiries and concerns
  • An organization who is ready to help you with all the filing you would need to do.

Greencardorganization is simply an organization which would help you get a green card in no time!




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