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A lot of us would do anything to get our loved ones close to us. Living millions of miles away from your loved ones can be annoying since you can’t see them. What of if we told you that you could bring your loved ones to the United States, as long as you do it well by doing a USA green card application?

To get your loved one to you in no time, it is advisable that you don’t make a mistake in your USA green card application to prevent your application from being faulted for one reason or the other.

Below are great steps that can help you in submitting your USA green card application:

Start by filling the I-130 Application, then sending it to the USCIS- US Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a Green Card Holder, you are expected to be the major applicant. The same can be said for a U.S. citizen that wants to run a USA green card application.

Don’t forget to add necessary documents such as proof of family relationship, birth certificate and so on to the petition that you are submitting to USCIS.

Usually, the pace that USCIS handles the USA green card application is dependent on some factors. If you meet the requirements, it is handled faster, hence the need to get to expert advice from a US Visa Consulting Firm.


Does The Relationship Look Authentic?

When the petition is filed, USCIS looks at the requirements you submitted to see how authentic they are. Sometimes, the relationship may be authentic, but the way it is filed may give USCIS the feeling that it is falsified.

If USCIS feels that marriage is a fraud, they will reject the application. In some cases, before it is rejected, the couple will be called for an interview or their abode will be visited.

To prevent getting rejected, it is important that you use an expert USA Green Card Application Firm.

Once the USA Green Card Application has been approved, the relative can then go ahead with consulate processing.


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