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Getting a green card is very important for an immigrant in the US. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service under the Department of Homeland Security is the body that is responsible for the acquisition of the US Green Card. So far, the process does not involve a lot of hassle, although it may take a lot of time before your green card is granted to you. There are several ways and steps you can take in order to acquire a green card. One of the easier ways is to get it through the US Diversity visa lottery. The US DV Lottery is one of the simpler ways to get a green card. However, if you apply for the US DV lottery, you are not really certain that you will win the lottery and get the green card. You can still go through the normal application process when trying to secure a green card by applying to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. They are the primary body for the processing of green card applications from immigrants all over the world. They ensure that these immigrants are qualified to live, work or start a business in the US and that they do not have any relevant past criminal record in the country they are migrating from or they do not intend to commit any crime in the US where they are migrating to.


This is a guide on how to get a green card as a US immigrant.

  • Find Out if You Meet the Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a green card, you have to find out If you are eligible to apply and you have passed the criteria set for the application process. This is a very important step you don’t have to miss.


  • Apply to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service

If you are eligible, you have to apply through the US.C.I.S. They will screen out and give you some tests on English and Reasoning. Then you will be invited for an interview where you will be asked several questions which mostly pertains to your residency in the US.



Once you have gone through this process and you come out successfully, you will then be issued your Green card which is valid for a period of 10 years. After this time, you can either decide to renew or opt for a Citizenship application.


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