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Getting a green card via marriage can end up being a very complicated process. There are so many things which you and your spouse would have to sort out before obtaining your green card. One of such things which would come into play is the minimum income which would be needed to get your green card. So what is the minimum income requirements that would be needed? Greencardorganization provides you with all you need to know about minimum income.

Usually, the minimum income which a spouse who intends to get a green case for his or her spouse should have is $20,575. However, it is important to note that this minimum income would only come into play when the spouse who is a citizen of the United States is not in the military. It would also not apply if the couple is currently childless.

Another factor which would come to play would be the size of the family. Thus, the minimum income that the green card holder would have to rise from the original minimum. If you are wondering what exactly you would have to earn before welcoming your spouse to the US, Greencardorganization would be delighted to help you figure this out.

The truth is that if you want to live in the US via green card based on marriage, the spouse who is a citizen of the country should be ready to take responsibility for all financial transactions. It is also important to note that all green card bearers who live in places such as Hawaii and Alaska would have to face a higher minimum income. There are certain ways in which you can effectively calculate the minimum income which you are going to need.

Are you confused about how to get the minimum income for your spouse to obtain their green card? Greencardorganization is always on hand to offer the best advice on areas which would be vital to obtain your green card. There are various services which the Greencardorganization offers to its clients:


  • Offer consulting services on immigration and the various filing processes which would need to be submitted.
  • Help you get through the interview process with minimum ease and stress
  • Make sure you get your green card in record time. This would give the opportunity to reunite with your spouse.




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