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Sometimes, your green card which to most people is a treasure can be denied renewal. While the shock and surprise which may come from this can be quite destabilizing, it is also important to look at the possible reasons why your green card renewal might have been denied. Here at Greencardorganization, we know how frustrating it can be to have your green card renewal denied. Thus, we are offering possible reasons why it might have been denied. This would give you an idea of what you need to fix.

Illegal activity or crimes

One of the terms which you have to abide by when you pick up the green card is to be a good resident of the US. Therefore, if you engage in activities which are considered to be a crime or illegal in the United States, you would probably have your green card denied. Please note that your chances of getting a green card renewal might not be affected if the crime committed was a very minor one.

Documentation Mistakes

Another thing which may have led to a denial could be some errors in your documentation. One error which usually affects people is relating to the form I-90. In the situation where this form is filled wrongly and filed, it would most likely end in denial. We at Greencardorganization realize the importance of getting your documentation right.  We are committed to ensuring that the filing of green card forms is done the right way. This eliminates the probability of a denial due to documentation mistakes.


Your green renewal can be rejected for something so small as lying. Even a white lie could create massive doubt. It is important to make them feel you are a trustworthy person. So, with this in mind, try not to lie on your form. The chances of you getting a green card are higher when you say the truth. Afraid of how it is all going to go? Greencardorganization is always ready to listen to any fears or issues you might have. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concern or inquiry you want to make.

Renewing your green card is fundamental to staying and working in the United States. Therefore, ensure you get everything just right. With Greencardorganization by your side, you can achieve anything.




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