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How to renew or replace your Green Card with Greencardorganization?

As a US resident, you will need to adjust the status on your green card any time it expires so that you can be authorized to live, work or study in the US. You need to keep your green card up-to-date as a lawful permanent residence in the US. Greencardorganization through our team of legal immigration experts will provide a 100% step by step guide for you on how to successfully replace or renew your permanent residence permit.

Many times, Green card or a permanent residence permit is only valid for a maximum of 10 years. If you desire to stay much longer in the US, you must apply for a green card renewal before the current expiration date.

When to apply for a green card renewal or replacement.

When you have received a green card that is valid for 10 years and it’s expired or will expire in 6 months.

If your green card was issued with incorrect data or does not have an expiry date as a result of administrative error form the USCIS.

If you are traveling and will stay up to a year before you return but your green card will expire in 6 months

If you have legally changed any of your personal information, such as name, address, marital status, etc.

If you are a conditional permanent residence, your green card will only be valid for 2 years after which you will need to renew it by petitioning for the green card condition removal.

The process of green card renewal or replacement application

Step 1: To apply for a green card renewal or replacement visit the USCIS website and then create an account to fill Form I-90. If you are applying manually, you can send an application letter by mail to the USCIS to apply for form I-90. If you were previously issued a conditional permanent residence card, you should apply to fill form I-751.  Greencardorganization will guide you in opening an account with the USCIS if at all you encounter any difficulty.

Step 2: Take time to carefully fill out all required information fields on the form whether you are filling the form online or it was mailed to you by the USCIS. Make sure you provide the correct information as a mistake can lead to disqualification. Let a greencardorganization expert help you out.

Step 3: Authenticate every document before you upload them, our team of experts at the greencardorganization will guide you and link you up with the right authentication agency.

Step 4: Review your application and sign. Let our team of immigration experts at the greencardorganization help you to review your application to be sure all information are correct and error free.

Step 5: Submit your application. Our team of experts in the greencardorganization will make sure that your application is successfully submitted. We will also help you to monitor your application progress. If you are submitting by mail, you should send your completed application back to the USCIS according to the instructions and attach all necessary documents and receipts.

Once your application is received, you will receive a receipt notice from the USCIS not later than two weeks after your application is accepted and a biometrics interview date will be scheduled for you. Greencardorganization will provide you with all information and guide for a successful biometrics interview, we will be at your service until you are issued a renewed green card.



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