As we all know, a green card doesn’t automatically make you a citizen of the United States but that is a step to take before Getting your citizenship, this is why here are Green Card Organization, we offer you tips which helps you in getting a green card.

So, when you get your green card, you become a permanent resident and not exactly a citizen Although you tend to have laws backing you up and making it a lot easier to acquire a citizenship status. When applying for a green card in a place like the United States, there are many routes which you can follow to achieve this.

About Us:

Green Card OrganizationHere at Green Card Organization, we let you know just how you can attain a green card through marriage, a job, seeking refugee status, etc. Here we provide you with step by step guidelines to help get green through following the job route.

We let you know of the forms of the green card through employment. Getting a green card through a job has many subcategories which include a first preference, a second preference, and a third preference.

The first preference is known as EB-1 and is usually reserved for People who are considered the best for the job. It usually includes professors, noble prize winners, etc. Here at Green Card Organization, we let you know about how to go for the application and how to go about with the filing.

The second preference is known as the EB-2 visa and is available for People who possess an advanced degree, here at Green Card Organization, we answer to all concerns and questions you might have to know if you are eligible for this visa or not.

Third preference is usually known as the EB-3 visa and this is for people who have proven themselves to be field workers and these workers should have at least one degree and must be of an accredited university. Here at Green Card Organization, we help you check if your university is accredited and if you are eligible to apply for this visa.

There are other work green visas which include a fourth and a fifth preference. These are for People who are investors or in the Armed Forces and here at Green Card Organization, we inform you about which job or employment visa is most suitable for you to go after. We also give you step by step tips on how to file for this visa as well.

Working and living in the USA is a huge milestone for many, this means a thousand of people apply yearly for a green card and application process is very important, so why don’t you let us help you today?