Green Card Organization offers you tips on how to get a green card via the Job route

Green Card OrganizationWhile getting a green card does not automatically make you a US citizen, it is the first step to getting citizenship in the United States. There are various routes to getting a green card in the US. Some of these routes would include getting a green card through marriage, job and even by virtue of being a refugee. Today, we here at Green Card Organization would be providing tips or guidelines on how to get a green card via the job route:


Forms of green cards by Employment

The employment green card sector is divided into so many subcategories. This would include but is not limited to:

First Preference

The first preference is also known as EB-1. This type of green card is reserved for those persons who have proven to be excellent in their field of study. This would most include academic workers such as professors. It would include anyone who has won a noble or peace prize. Green Card Organization would be ready to give you all the advice you need to make your application a success.

Second Preference

The second preference is widely known as the EB-2 visa. It is only available to those people who have multiple or advanced degrees. It is important to note that national interest waivers would also fall into this category. If you have an advanced degree and have some questions about your eligibility, Green Card Organization is always happy to help you with all your concerns.

Third Preference

Green Card OrganizationThis is popularly called EB-3. This green card is usually reserved for persons who have proven to be skilled workers. It is also important to note that skilled workers must have gotten at least one degree. The university that awards this degree must be duly accredited.


Other work green cards would include the fourth and fifth preferences. These would include investors and people in the armed forces. If you wish to learn more about the various job green cards which are available, Green Card Organization is always happy to help.


Living and working in the United States is a dream that would be simply brilliant if it is actualized. Thus, it is necessary to make all the important steps to ensure that you are on the right route. Green Card Organization offers you the best solution to your green card problems. We are always at your service.